Experiential Learning

Are Your Leaders Equipped to Manage and Lead through Change?

In order to be competitive, companies must transition quickly from one strategy to another, follow market trends, and stay in tune with their customers.

If that’s not enough, with four generations in the workplace, a diverse employee group, and virtual teams located around the world, you have a situation that can, at times, overwhelm even the most seasoned executives.

Successful teams and groups can give your company a competitive edge; unproductive teams can stall growth and lower engagement levels of your employees.

Have you or any of your teams experienced:

  • Missed goals
  • Dropping customer satisfaction levels
  • Conflict within teams and within cross-functional teams
  • Missed deadlines
  • Exceeding budgets
  • Falling employee engagement?

Programs from Kathy Garland International are designed for team leaders to learn sustainable strategies and attitudes toward change and transition. All programs are experiential and include exercises, worksheets, and activities that are facilitated to involve participants.

Who these programs are for:

  • Teams facing changing conditions increased stress and dwindling resources
  • Teams working remotely or geographically dispersed
  • Teams in transition with new leaders or reporting structure
  • Merged teams
  • Any team that wants to work better within the team and across the organization

Our workshops and programs are based on experiential learning and we offer facilitation, pre-work, assessments, and exercises to build emotional intelligence, understanding of personality and conflict styles, and increased capacity to navigate change.


This course is designed to help your team members increase their self-awareness around how they react to change. A theory of how change happens and the phases of change help participants see how they contribute to or slow down organizational change. The workshop objective is to increase self-awareness and have participants identify where they can more effectively manage change.


To be able to influence others is to persuade them to your way of thinking and to motivate people to change without resistance. Influencing in the absence of authority can be a big challenge and result in conflict.

In “The Art of Influencing Others” your team will understand each other better, your influence across the organization will grow and your ability to lead change will improve.

Other workshops offered by Kathy Garland International

  • Winning with Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building through Understanding Personality Styles
  • Letting Go: Navigating Transitions
  • Overcoming Negative Attitudes
  • Trust: The Ultimate Test

To discuss how these workshops can help you and your teams navigate change, solve conflict, and build better relationships, contact us now for a complimentary consultation.