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Haidong Gumdo video

If you read my last post, you may have noticed that the video is missing in the Feedburner version sent to your email. Hmmm, thought I had that sorted out. While we figure it out, I’ve included the YouTube link to a demonstration of Haidong Gumdo (not me you’ll see) at the World Competition in Korea. Here is the link in case you’d like to check it out: 

 Let me know if you’d like to join me in lessons!


Meltdown or move forward

Having just seen “Julie and Julia” where Julie, the cook and blogger, admitted a meltdown on her blog, I figured I could do the same.

Recently I signed up for a martial arts program that uses a sword – Korean Haidong Gumdo. I wanted a new challenge and was inspired to seek a class after having my photo taken last year with a sword.

Tonight, I fumbled through the class. I stepped out on my right foot when it should have been my left. I turned left when I should have turned right. I was three steps behind the kids in the class. I was 2 steps behind the other two women. And once in awhile I was in the right place at the right time. There are three of us with White Belts. That means the newest of the new. Not only am I the newest, I’m the oldest. What a combination.

Fortunately, Mr. Vasquez, the Taekwondo Academy owner, has mercy on me and steps in to guide and assist when I have the “deer in the headlights” look.

In case you wonder what I’m attempting to learn, watch some of the video below:

Impressed? Not so fast! They only let me use a wooden sword and I can barely put together the moves. Especially tonight after missing class last week while I was at a conference.

My mind can visualize me performing like the people in the video, but my body doesn’t agree with my mind just yet.  Yes I was quite discouraged tonight after class. And maybe I’m just optimistic enough to keep going. It’s wonderful cardio and great for upper body and balance.

Leaving the class tonight, I realized I could have just slipped away and not gone back. That would really make me a wimp. While I looked uncoordinated and not athletic tonight, I fear more what would happen if I don’t continue on. I have the choice to stay in my meltdown and avoid further embarrassment or to move forward. Moving forward is my only choice.

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more on the superwoman

Since I wrote my blog post on R.I.P. Superwoman, I’ve been keenly aware of when I am taking on more than is realistic and when I give up what I really want.

Banning the Superwoman tendency in me is going to take some work, I admit. Yesterday, I got up at 4:30 a.m. to drive to Ft. Worth for an all-day client meeting. Then I came home and spent time preparing for my daughter’s birthday party tonight, stayed up late to greet my husband and son as they came back from a road trip and dropped into bed after 1 a.m. As I write this post, I’m on my way out the door to buy the flowers and a few things to spruce up our family room and kitchen, which we are redecorating. Order the BBQ, delegate the to-do list. And if I have time, get a pedicure.

In between, I have a few clients to talk to and oh so important, my kids are in town. They are either sleeping or driving on their way here for the party so I don’t feel too guilty yet about not spending enough time with them.

My life is packed with joyful experiences. Am I a Superwoman? Am I giving in to too many desires, needs and wants? Am I working too hard as my Mother thinks?

Who knows? I get bored easily and variety and change makes me happy.

I know I’m tipping over to the “Superwoman” myth when I’m not feeling filled up and satisfied with what I’m doing. This usually happens when I try to do things that I’m not really good at instead of asking for help or delegating to someone who is better than me at it.

I’ll continue to explore the Superwoman myth here and have a book started on the topic.

Thank you for your support and comments. If you would be willing to be interviewed on this topic, please let me know through my website at

Enjoy your weekend.

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Kathy Garland offers programs that awaken the soul of women leaders to enhance their wealth, balance and freedom.


Short video clip on branding

Here’s a short video clip on branding from a workshop I led last month on The Gold Mine of Branding. This clip was originally supposed to be part of a speaker demo for me but I am keeping it separate from that. I co-led the workshop with Russ Riddle, a copyright attorney, and we discussed how to grow your business through building a strong brand. Here’s the link: Brand workshop video clip. This is the first time I’ve uploaded a video link!

Let me know what you think by posting a comment or connecting with me through my website at

Kathy Garland offers programs that awaken the soul of women leaders to enhance their wealth, balance and freedom,


R.i.p. superwoman

In honor of Independence Day, I now declare myself free of the Superwoman Myth. That myth that started in the 60’s that says women can have it all. A later version of this is “We can have it all, just not at the same time.”

This superwoman myth drives many of us to work longer than we should, take on projects we don’t want to do, say yes when we mean no, push ourselves with no sleep to take care of family, friends and community. All because there are women out there who do this successfully and we think we should do the same. We don’t want to admit we have limits.

You may not agree with me, however, I believe that women are more effective when we are more focused and don’t spread our energy and our precious time across many responsibilities, tasks, commitments, relationships and opportunities.

I’ve decided I want to liberate myself from feeling like I have to do it all. I grew up when women first gained access to birth control, which gave us the freedom to work outside the home. What we took on as a gender is that we can maintain the home plus do all the outside activities. With more money coming in to the family, the kids were free to participate in more activities. Moms ran (and still do) around like crazy because no one realized the model of the perfect family was now changing. As a result, the Superwoman was born, because we didn’t want to admit we couldn’t do it all and we didn’t know how to talk about it and ask for what we needed and wanted.

From now on, I’m going to listen to my thoughts when they are telling me that I have to do something or I should do something. I’m going to liberate myself from the tyranny of those words and ask myself if there are other ways something can get done, particularly when I have a lot of deadlines and family responsibilities for example. I don’t have to assume that I am the only one who can do it all or that I do it better and faster than someone else would. That is a Superwoman myth.

I admit this is easier to write than to do. What I do know is that when women are rested and relaxed, nurtured and fulfilled that the whole family benefits. During this month, our celebration of freedom for our country, decide what you want to be free of in your life. What do you want to let go of?

Just for the next few days, experiment with doing what you want, when you want and schedule yourself some flexible time. Instead of giving it away to other people around you, claim back some time for you. This morning, I decided to write this article first instead jumping into my long to-do list. Of course I’ll get to my list; however, writing is enjoyable for me and with less time, I’ll get those things done faster anyway.

Ban the Superwoman and enjoy life!

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Kathy Garland offers programs that awaken the soul of women leaders to enhance their wealth, balance and freedom.

More movie one-liners:

“just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” Dori, Nemo Thanks to Dawn Mallory,

“You’re everything I never knew I always wanted” – Fools Rush In
Thanks to Jackie Christophis, Novus Transportation


Just for fun

It’s a hot summer night and I’m doing the dishes. During dinner, I spent a few minutes reading through Twitter Power, by Joel Comm. Musing about how to use Twitter and being a little bored with doing dishes, the thought crossed my mind that it would be fun to collect one-liners or short snippets of conversation from movies by posting this question on Twitter. I like to use movie one-liners and quotes in articles, teleclasses and speeches to liven up my content. Here are a few of my favorite one-liners and I’d love for you to post yours by commenting on this post. I’ll also post the question on Twitter and then upload one-liners and quips here.

Favorites from Jerry Maguire:

– "If this [pointing to his heart] is empty, this [pointing to his head] doesn’t matter." – Dicky Fox, Jerry Maguire’s mentor

– “You had me at hello.” Dorothy

– “Help me help you.” Jerry


“You are the only authority on what is not possible for you.” Vince Freeman, Gattaca

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Yoda, Star Wars Character

Post your favorite movie one-liners by commenting on this post – clean, preferably funny or inspirational.

Meanwhile, enjoy your summer and get out there and have some fun.

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raising young women as fearless leaders

Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. Minette Riordan, radio host and publisher of North Texas Kids. We talked about raising young women to be fearless leaders. You can listen to the podcast at by scrolling down to find Show #13 on June 3.

As grown women, we have a responsibility to our younger counterparts, whether they be our daughters, nieces, Scouts or young women in our workplace or neighborhood.

Any time I talk to a client who works with women or coaches women, they confide in me that having confidence is still a problem for women. Having confidence is a key to being fearless. Being fearless comes from knowing who you are and being certain where you are going.

Why is it important to be fearless? Being fearless means that we offer our best, we don’t hold back, we say what we need and don’t over-think what we know is right to do. By being fearless, we impact not only our own sense of being, but also our self-reliance and confidence as well as the results we create.

How do we raise our daughters and mentor other young women to be fearless? I talked to my daughter, Jenny, who is 29 and asked her what she learned growing up. She said that since I exhibited confidence, she learned from that. She also said that we let her explore her own interests. That’s important for a young person growing up to be able to develop her own interests even if it is something you don’t know about. She wanted to join the swim team and it was a pivotal experience for her. Not something I had done in school or could help her with, but  encouraged her all the way. She eventually became one of the co-captains of the team.

Two of the best ways to mentor young women to be confident and fearless are to step into that confident space for yourself and encourage them to explore their own interests and contribute their ideas.

Doing those two things will go a long way toward raising young women to be fearless and stepping into their true potential.

Kathy Garland offers programs that awaken the soul of women leaders to enhance their wealth, balance and freedom,


everything starts with imagination

Last week, when I was at Walt Disney World in Florida. I had so much fun because creativity and imagination is all around. Vivid colors, flourishing costumes, cheerful music, interactive exhibits, fun rides and dedicated performers contribute to a magical experience. We enjoyed an international flower festival at Epcot, featuring multiple live-plant sculptures of Disney characters. It added a lot of personality and visual appeal to the park, not to mention hundreds more Kodak moments.

One afternoon, we caught a Celebration parade at the Magic Kingdom. I was like a little girl when Mickey came right up and waved at me. Silly me!

One of the exhibits I liked the most was one I wasn’t particularly interested in. You know that giant earth-shaped exhibit at the entrance to Epcot? It has a communications exhibit/ride inside that traces the history of communication from the beginning of mankind from cavemen drawing on the walls to the latest in telecommunications. On the way back down from the top of the globe, there is an interactive exercise which engaged my imagination.

Using an interactive touch screen, I entered preferences for how I’d like to work in the future. In a few seconds, a customized video/cartoon played back my preferences in a story. The fascinating thing is that a digital photo of each person is taken at the first of the ride and then inserted into the video. I loved it when my digital self was working at the beach!

This kind of playful imagination is just what leaders need. We need time to engage the fun parts of us in order to regenerate our energy, our minds and the idea factory in our head. Make time for fun as much as you can to free up your mind for better and more clear decisions and to relieve stress as well.

Kathy Garland offers programs that awaken the soul of women leaders to enhance their wealth, balance and freedom,


Being Fearless

One of the trademark qualities of strong brands and successful leaders is courage. 

It takes courage to step out and step up when times are uncertain or resources are scarce.

Are you thinking about expanding your business?

Applying for a new job?

Transitioning from your corporate job to starting your own business?

Making a personal decision that will change your life?

These decisions require courage to plan a direction and get into action.

I work with people who are ready to step up and want support from someone who is able to reflect what they truly want. Often, during change and transition, people’s desires are jumbled up and there are conflicting or multiple goals. I work with my clients to sort these out and simplify and clarify their thinking.

People going through change need to summon all their courage. How do people get past fear, which holds so many people back from expanding and changing into who they really want to be and the success they know their business can be?

Here are two things necessary to make transitions and change more fearless for people:

1. Vision – having a clear vision of the destination or goal is essential. Without a vision, it’s like driving in a foreign country without a map or knowing the language.

2. Confidence – people who take time to define their personal or business brand find clarity in who they are and what they are best at. This builds confidence so they keep taking steps toward their goals, instead of staying in the safety of their current situation.

Everyone has some type of fear. Life doesn’t exist without it. Successful people know how to master their fears.

Does fear stop you from taking action and playing big? If so, I encourage you to contact me for a personal branding session to boost your confidence. In addition, visit for details on a program I offer with Tina Ferguson, so you can experience the power of fearless manifesting. We have a three-part teleseminar series you can register for at no cost to you.

I’m off to Disney Hollywood Studio to ride the Tower of Terror – a 13-foot drop in the dark!

Have a fearless day!

Kathy Garland offers programs that awaken the soul of women leaders to enhance their wealth, balance and freedom,