You can have everything you want

Zig Ziglar, master sales trainer and motivational speaker said, “You can have everything you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” When you focus on helping other people get what they want, you develop a wide network of relationships.

Recently, I had lunch with the CEO of an consulting engineering firm. Part of our discussion centered around how important relationships are in doing business. She said her network and her relationships, including those of the firm, have gotten them through these last few years. She’s a firm believer in community participation and staying connected with key people in her network.

As you think about your career or your business this month, make a list of people you would like to meet. Think big on this exercise.

– Who has connections that would benefit you?

– What can you do to help to that person?

Most people realize that the strength of their connections and network contribute to their success. People say yes to those they know, trust and like. Whether you are a business owner or employee or independent professional, you daily have the opportunity to persuade people to support you, your ideas, your budget, your career, your business.

Your chances are much higher that people will support you if you have a good relationship with them and they know, trust and like you. Whether through a professional organization, a networking group, an educational program or community group like church or non-profits, you can meet people anywhere that can support you and be in your network of relationships. It’s up to you to take time to get to know them. 

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Kathy Garland specializes in translating business challenges into opportunities that result in business and personal growth. She speaks frequently on business growth and leadership topics. Join her conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.