Becoming Remarkable

As a leader in business, you need to be remarkable to be heard and influence people. explains remarkable as an adjective that means worthy of notice. Something remarkable is unusual, exceptional, interesting, or excellent. Remarkable things get your attention.

I love the last line – “Remarkable things get your attention.” The same goes for people and companies.

Remarkable people and companies get your attention.

Now that statement begs the question, “How do I become remarkable?” The origin of remarkable begins in the 1600’s from the French remarquer ‘take note of.’ (From When we are or do something remarkable, we want people to take note of these actions and achievements. This builds our personal and professional brand.

There are five cornerstones I believe are important for you, your team and your company to become remarkable. I’ve also identified several qualities under each cornerstone.

Five Cornerstones of Being Remarkable

  1. Creativity and Innovation
    – Be known as a problem-solver and the ability to solve customers’ problems quickly
    – Ability to concept and launch new products and services
  2. Trustworthiness
    – Do the right thing
    – Deliver on your promises
  3. High Use of Emotional Intelligence
    – Solve conflicts while protecting relationships
    – Fearlessly build business and relationships
    – Handle stress without impacting productivity
  4. Excellent products and services
    – Make the lives of your clients better and more successful
    – Deliver what you do consistently and reliably
  5. Sense of Humor
    – Break tension and reconnect people to task at hand, which increases effectiveness
    – Help people stay engaged when work is challenging
    – Provide a sense of optimism when mistakes are made.

To find out how you or your company can increase your ability to be remarkable, schedule a complimentary consultation call with me. You’ll discover where you are remarkable and where you can improve.

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