3 Mistakes to Avoid to Stop Suffering from Exhaustion and Overwhelm

Mini-Boot Camp to Strengthen Your Emotional Energy

Boot Camp Fitness Trainer YellingI want you to succeed. I really do. I’ve made mistakes in my career and if you fall into the same traps, maybe this article will open your eyes and offer you another possibility.

As a leader, you know how much better you perform when you feel energized and you also know what it’s like to push through when you are exhausted.

As a full-time working mom, there were days when I had to lean on the grocery cart to get through shopping I was so exhausted. Part of the reason I was exhausted was overwhelm and inability to understand and manage my workload and the emotions associated with the stress.

I don’t want you to have to suffer from the type of exhaustion and overwhelm I did. I let the pressure of performance and demands of life really zap my energy. However, I’ve learned strategies since then which improved my emotional energy along with improving my emotional intelligence. When you take steps to strengthen your emotional energy, you will have more overall energy, and be more present, decisive, and creative.

First let’s look at the mistakes I made and then I will offer a solution to develop your emotional strength. Do you see yourself in any of these?

Mistake #1: Not taking a break away from your desk. The stress piles up from long hours and even eating at your desk zaps your energy and creativity. This continued stress and exhaustion often leads to illness.

Solution: Take a five-minute walk down the hall, around the block or to another building once or twice a day. Even standing up, stretching and taking deep breaths several times a day will help.

Mistake #2: Overthinking your mistakes. Agonizing over lost business, a failed project or a lost job creates more exhaustion and overwhelm.

Solution: Conduct an analysis of what happened as though you are a reporter so you can minimize your emotions. List the facts, your decisions and the outcome. Own up to your mistake and tell yourself you will do better next time. I’ve always grown stronger with each mistake. It’s how you handle your feelings about mistakes that can cause overwhelm and exhaustion.

Mistake #3: Blaming someone else. It’s easier to look outside yourself for the problem and it’s definitely softer on the ego. It is a toxic behavior that that has switched on autopilot for many people. It’s just how they roll.

Solution: Even though this may be one of the hardest things you do, you will benefit when you look at what you contribute to your problems. When you do, what you discover can lead to tremendous personal growth. To accept responsibility and accountability results in a dramatic, personal transformation that can free you of drama and unproductive behaviors.

That’s today’s Mini-Boot Camp to Strengthen Your Emotional Energy. © Kathy Garland, 2015.

About the author:

Kathy Garland is a coach and mentor to executives going through organizational change by helping them improve their leadership, influence and emotional intelligence skills. She has inspired and motivated audiences as a speaker for nearly 20 years. She is certified in the MHS EQi Emotional Intelligence Survey as well as 360 Management Skills Surveys. Connect with Kathy on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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