Five Ways to Speak Like a CEO

Billionaire Investor Warren Buffett captures the attention of his audiences, whether at an annual meeting, in a public speech or interview or through writing, with his personable and straightforward approach.

In studying his writing and watching videos of him speak, I’ve noticed a couple of communication traits that I feel are essential for a CEO or whatever level you are as a leader.

1. Be humble. Buffett speaks of his love for learning investing and says he was lucky to find what he wanted to do early in life.

2. Be genuine. He openly shares his success principles. He is straightforward in his answers to his shareholders at the annual meeting.

3. Be grateful. Buffett publicly acknowledges his mentors as well as his team who helps him generate the remarkable financial results of Berkshire Hathaway.

4. Be focused. He knows what he wants and has principles and rules he follows with absolute discipline. He communicates these to his team, his shareholders and in public speeches and interviews.

5. Be honest about your mistakes. He openly will share – and often have good humor – about investing mistakes. He talks about the reasons why and what he learned.

I got curious about his style when I received the 2013 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report this year. Usually I am bored reading annual reports but this one is much more engaging, in part, due to Warren Buffett’s open communication style.

A PDF of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report is available online and I encourage you to read the Chairman’s letter on Page 3 to see for yourself how he writes in his personable style.

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