#3 Change Your Commitments, Change Your Life


Kathy GarlandWe create our lives based on our commitments. If you’ve never thought of it this way, let’s take a look.

We have choice every day where to spend our time. People make commitments when they get a new job, are assigned new projects,  move to a new city, start an educational program, become a community volunteer as well as thousands of other daily choices. Making a  commitment comes from our choice to be in relationship or accomplish a task or a goal.

Where the pressure of commitments often gets us is when we take on a commitment without serious intent. We say yes because it feels  like the right thing to do, because of fear or guilt, because of our desire to help, because we want to be involved.

I realize I have made a lot of commitments based on wanting to help people, which I don’t regret at all. In my own introspection on this topic, I see I can be of service to more people and in a more committed way if I am more careful about the commitments I choose. In other words, I need to make commitments from serious intent, rather than it feeling like “I should” or “I want” to or “I better.”

What I want is a balance. It’s time for me to make more commitments to my own dreams and with serious intent. When you make a commitment to a go for a dream, you are opening up to your higher potential.

Notice dreams that keep floating into your awareness. Pick one that matters to you and aligns with your talents and abilities. For me, writing is calling me to make more serious commitments.

When you start to align your commitments with a dream and take action with serious intent, your life’s possibilities will expand and you will transform the struggle and pressure of commitments into a journey that will challenge you, activate your curiosity and reduce the struggle. You can find your hidden pearls of wisdom and genius by making a commitment to follow at least one dream.

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