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Whether you want to win more business, win in relationships, health, prosperity, there are certain habits and practices that will contribute to your success. While I was writing an article this morning, I looked for some decision models to support leaders during times of change and transition. Stephen Covey’s Quadrant Model from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People came to mind. During my search for more details and perspective on the topic, I found an article in Forbes by Eric Jackson on what to focus on from The Habits.

His best advice is to use the 4 quadrant model at the beginning of each week to plan your time. Most people focus on the Urgent and Important things, not enough time on Important/Not Urgent projects and too much time on Not Important/Not Urgent such as mindless browsing on Facebook and other sites. Note I said mindless. If you are using these sites to build your business that fits into one of the important categories, however, make sure you know what return you get for your time investment.

I offer coaching sessions on how to prioritize your work, bring out your best strengths and help you focus you on the path to success and prosperity. Please contact me for more information.

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Below is a graphic you can use each week to keep focused on what is most important.

Use this matrix, adapted from Stephen Covey's original Time Management Quadrant, to plan your weekly priorities

Use this matrix to plan your weekly priorities




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