YOU can only go UP! from here

This morning on the way home from my workout, the song “Up!” by Shania Twain came up on my playlist. It’s a funny, upbeat song about a day that started out bad and her positive attitude that life can only go up from here.

That’s a theme that you can adopt in your business and life. Simple, yet powerful. You can use this approach to change your thoughts and attitudes about what is happening to you.

Next time you have a frustrating or discouraging moment or result, tell yourself “I can only go up from here!” Notice your reactions and your feelings. Over time, you’ll retrain your thought patterns to be more optimistic and open about your challenges.

If you are going through change, figuring out what’s next or in some sort of transition, you can especially use “I can only go up from here!” as a mantra to lighten up your stress.

I’ve used this phrase (and I admit – even sing along enthusiastically in the car) plus a few others including “What else is possible?” to get me unstuck and moving forward.

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Write down your 2014 plan

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