Creating Miracles through Dreaming

Why is now the right time for Creating Miracles in the world? Haven’t there always been miracles?

Yes and we have forgotten about the power of miracles to heal, inspire, activate and make extraordinary things happen for ourselves as well as others in our lives.

It’s time to believe in miracles. Humanity seems to be at a precipice. We may not be able to turn back.

Think of all the turmoil, conflicting interests, scarce resources, environmental distress, disappearing species, and uncommon weather events. There are many things to distract us if we choose.

My invitation for you is to start dreaming. Dream of what could be different. Dream of what you have to offer. Dream of what you can bring that would contribute prosperity and peace to humanity.

You may want to dream for yourself and your family. That is fine. Not all of us are destined to live a life of service to God, as was Mother Teresa. However, we can do a little good each day by taking action on our dreams.

How do you dream? How do you slow down enough to dream?

First, you have to make a commitment to expanding your world and your awareness by dreaming.

Dreaming is simply listening to your inner voice and following the wanderings of your heart. One of the keys to expanding your life is to make note of what is in your dreams. By dreams, I mean the quiet voice that speaks to you repeatedly until you listen or stay so busy you refuse to listen. I also want you to look at dreams as the wishes of your heart.

Do you dream of a certain career? Living in a particular place? Traveling? Making a difference in your community? Providing health and wealth for your family?

Whatever you dream about – write it down. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me or visit my Facebook page and make a comment at

In my next post, I’ll share some ideas about vision boards. I have a page on my website, with some free downloads about leadership and a handout with the points of the Creating Miracles process.