Getting Your Ideas Heard, Part 1

Last week I promised you some ideas about communicating your ideas effectively.  Over the years, I have presented great ideas poorly and bad ideas enthusiastically. I have slipped brilliant ideas into a conversation so that someone else picked it up and brought it forward (not a habit you want to keep) and other times simple, yet ingenious ideas get implemented immediately.

What’s the secret of getting your ideas across effectively? As in most success habits, there is a formula. And like making a wonderful cake, there are different recipes for success, the points shared in this blog over the next few weeks happen to be ones that have been effective for me.

The point this week is to make sure you schedule or carve out time to present a new idea. Don’t just casually bring up a great idea out of context or it may get lost, someone else may grab it, people won’t understand the significance.

One of the things Steve Jobs does well is present his ideas on a big stage with all the media and the world watching. He makes sure all the stakeholders are present and are ready and excited to hear about his idea.

This YouTube video is a clip of Steve Jobs presentation announcing the original iPhone. Watch how he sets up the grand idea (this is the full version you can watch the first three or four minutes to get the idea.)

This week’s main point is to make sure you have an audience for your idea and ask for or schedule time to present it.

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