Are you a leading-edge developer?

A certain amount of your time as a leader should be spent on activities that are leading-edge for your business or your industry. Steve Jobs and the team at Apple get the gold star for leading-edge development just about all the time. No one can argue with the success and popularity of Apple’s products. Apple closely guards its developmental processes as trade secrets. As you know, Apple has the amazing ability to get us to buy things we never thought we’d need and now can’t live without.
Some people are more natural at thinking in a leading-edge way. People who are strategic and futuristic can have an advantage over people who are more structured in their thinking. Clearly Apple has done it better than most people.
You can develop a leading-edge mindset to bring fresh ideas and creativity to your business and your group. Below are a couple of practices and techniques you can use to foster creativity and leading-edge thinking:
1. On your own or with a team, brainstorm ideas for what you would do if you couldn’t market your current list of products and services.
2. Read journals and ideas from an industry totally different from yours for different perspectives.
3. Attend one of the TED conferences for innovative thinking.
There are many ideas to jump start leading-edge thinking. Another inexpensive resource is the World Future Society. Their members think way into the future.
Whatever you do, spend some time each week mulling over, reading and brainstorming leading-edge ideas for your business.
One of the ways to facilitate discovery of leading ideas is to learn to work with conflict in order to bring out the best creative ideas in a group.

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