Happy Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, we always turn our attention to our hearts and love. Your heart can guide you in ways you would never imagine. Listening to what is in your heart can help you make big leaps in your life and your business.

Trouble is, most people listen to what their heads tell them to do. We’ve learned that for success, it’s best to follow our head.

Yet, the quiet inner voice of our heart can guide us to make better decisions. In the long run, usually we are happier when we listen to and consider what our heart is calling us to do. However, we are so used to listening to our heads and the chatter it creates, that it covers up the powerful voice of our hearts.

Before you think of me as being soft and not logical, the heart actually has its own neurological network, in other words its own brain that creates two-way communication with the brain in your head.

The point is, by listening to your heart’s guidance, you will make stronger connections with people in your network because you’ll not only be a better listener and communicator, you will increase your authenticity and genuine being that connects with people.

You’ll make better decisions if you can listen to your heart’s guidance and then using your hard-wired brain in your head to supply the facts, the decisions, the structure for what’s next.

Here are a few ways I’ve discovered I can distinguish between my head and my heart’s guidance.

When you speak in your head-mode, you are:

– logical

– straightforward

– rational

– factual

– point of view

– judging

– analytical

– and can be fearful

When you are you are speaking from your heart, you are:

– certain

– confident

– warm

– happy

– compassionate

– passionate

– accepting

– able to see a picture of what can be


When you can speak to people with a heart-centered focus, you can hear them much better and they “get” you. Marketing becomes a time of passion and confidence for you.

Go ahead, open up this week and share your passions with someone new, focus on accepting not only yourself, but also those around you.

You’ll be glad you did.




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