What do you do?

Last week’s Market YOU Monday tip was about How to Say What You Do in Ten Words or Less (scroll down to my blog post for January 10, 2011 to read last week’s tip.)

I promised I would share what to say when someone asks you what you do – which is different than last week but involves what you decided you would say about yourself.

When someone asks what you do, with a smile, share your positioning statement or your ten-word or less statement you wrote last week. You should talk about the change that people have as a result of working with you. You want this to be interesting enough that they ask you to tell them more.

This is an opportunity for you to learn more about them so when they ask more, I suggest you add a sentence or two more and then ask them questions. It’s always a good sign when someone is asking you questions about what you do.

To keep your dialogue from becoming a monologue, turn the tables and work in some questions for the other person. Start with questions such as:

1. What type of people (or businesses) are your ideal client?

2. What is the most important thing you are working on now in your business?

When you ask these questions, you find out a little more about the other person that you can use to further discussion. Your goal is to find out several things:

– are they a good fit for your network?

– are they interested in what you do?

– do they have the qualities, needs and attributes of your ideal client?

– have you said yes to at least two of the above?

If so then set up a time to meet them for coffee or lunch, or set a follow up call. You will want to find out what you can do to stay connected with them so you can continue to build a relationship of trust.

Next week watch for tips on building relationships.

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