Do people remember you?

One of the most important assets you have when you market yourself and your services is your reputation and your personal brand.

What do you do to stand out? Are you consistent? That’s an important hallmark in building your personal brand.

Let’s talk about the benefits of having a strong personal brand. When people know you for a specific result, outcome, way of being or their relationship with you, you are more memorable.

Being more memorable gives you an advantage over the many others who are in your same category.

Each person has something unique about who they are or their capabilities. Do you know what is unique about you?

The power in your personal brand is to understand what is different and unique about you that matters to your clients. If you are an expert on food or ancient Greece or social media, it only matters if your desired customers want that or if they have the same interests and passions.

This week, observe people you interact with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As you observe them, ask yourself these questions:

– What makes them memorable?
– Is it what they do?
– Is it how they do what they do?
– Is it their personality?
– Is it their client list?

If you find yourself realizing that some people are easily recalled in your memory, ask yourself why that is. What is it about this person that doesn’t stand out.

Be open-minded to what they do to be more memorable or what they don’t do. Find some benchmarks and role models and determine what you can do to be more memorable.

The people who are memorable to me for my business are ones who understand my business opportunities and offer ideas and solutions. They go out of their way to connect me to people and resources that could help.

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