Merry Everything!

One of my friends greeted me with Merry Everything! at a holiday party. It’s a fun greeting when you don’t know what tradition people celebrate and covers all sorts of occasions.

I trust that whatever you celebrate this time of year that you are enjoying life. It’s a good time to bring back or start family traditions and rituals which help connect us and bring meaning. Today and tomorrow our kids are coming in from California and we are so excited to see them. We always go out to dinner together so we can catch up without the distraction of the kitchen, and we also love to prepare at least one meal together. Both of these always bring us closer.

Another part of the holidays that is important to me is the music. This morning at the gym, I tuned into Pandora and have found several holiday stations that set a peaceful holiday environment. Josh Groban’s holiday station plays some of my favorites like The Prayer, Ava Maria and O Holy Night, all of which reduce me to a puddle of tears of joy for their beauty and meaning.

Make sure you take time for what brings you joy and the it will make the holiday stress that could be pass much easier.

When the celebrations are over and you have some quiet time to reflect, look back and appreciate yourself for what you did this year, who you helped, what you figured out, what you moved forward and for all the joyous times in your life.

Merry Everything! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel! Feliz Navidad!

Kathy Garland specializes in turning business challenges into opportunities that result in business and personal growth. She hosts a radio show, “The Leader in You” and speaks frequently on business growth and leadership topics. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.