upcoming internet talk shows with tips for business owners

I’m lining up some great programs for the second half of 2010 for my Big Leap Business Growth for Entrepreneurs talk show on BlogTalk Radio in the DivaToolBox network. Below I’ve described some of the upcoming shows and also included how you can dial in on Monday nights at 7 Central, 5 Pacific, 8 Eastern.  Here are some of the upcoming highlights:

Monday, July 12 Maximizing Your Talents: Have you wondered how to get the most from yourself and your team? How to motivate and inspire everyone, including you, to do their best? One of the ways is to understand their unique talents and strengths. My colleague, Kay Lisch who is an executive coach and consultant and I will discuss our experiences and understanding of what it means to focus on your talents and strengths.

Monday, July 19 Hiring Your First Salesperson: Hiring a salesperson can be one of the smartest things you do or one of the worst mistakes you make. Learn from an insider who places salespeople the keys to hiring a good salesperson. Annie Daub and I will discuss what makes a productive salesperson and we’ll also discuss when it is right to hire a salesperson.

Monday, August 2 Get the Edge on Networking: Learn from experts Peggy Edge and Michelle Martin who both lead networking organizations on how you can maximize your time in your networking activities.

Monday, August 16 Marketing from Your Office: if you are more introverted and don’t like getting out of the office or you don’t like spending so much time going from meeting to meeting to find potential customers, join Leslie Mock and I for some insight on how you can effectively market from your office.

Monday, August 30 Business Relationships Do Matter! Kathy and Rita Reneaux will discuss the essentials you need to know to build strong business relationships. Both Kathy and Rita have extensive experience managing large accounts and multiple client relationships and understand how critical maintaining the relationship is to growing and retaining business.

Big Leap Business Growth for Entrepreneurs is a BlogTalk internet radio show on the Diva Toolbox Network that broadcasts at 7 p.m. Central on most Mondays. Check Kathy Garland’s show page to confirm details and phone number for dial in: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kathy-garland.

Big Leap Business Growth is hosted by Kathy Garland, who consults with small businesses on strategy and plans for growth, www.kathygarland.com.