how emotions can work for you

As human beings, we have a vast number of ways to experience emotions. Emotions such as excitement and passion fuel us with us increased creativity and productivity. On the other hand emotions such as frustration and overwhelm distract us from our goals.

I’ve noticed that when I am in a creative pursuit such as writing or developing a speech, I am more aware of a range of emotions that can support me or hold me back.

What have you noticed about your emotions and how much they control your life? Or do you let your emotions drive you?

One of the most profound things I learned in my management coaching program was the principle "Feelings in the face of commitment don’t matter." That stopped me in my tracks for awhile.

What I’ve come to appreciate is that feelings and emotions are part of our everyday experience and make us the rich, diverse and wonderful part of humanity that we are.

How do you let emotions support you or distract you? This is a critically important topic for entrepreneurs, company leaders, authors and speakers.

On Monday, June 28, join me for my Big Leap Business Growth for Entrepreneurs Talk Show on Diva ToolBox Blog Talk Radio. At 7 p.m. Central, I’ll be hosting a 60-minute segment on Emotions at Work.

My guest expert for Emotions at Work is Jan King, Founder and Director of the eWomenPublishing Network. Jan has years of experience working with leaders, authors, speakers and people who want to publish. She knows that unless emotions are recognized, the drive to reach the goal is much more difficult.

Join us for a lively discussion Monday night! You can call in (347) 843-4134 to contribute your ideas, questions and insights on emotions at work. All show segments are downloadable from my Host Page.

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