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January has been more challenging to focus than I thought it would. After all, I have my list of projects to complete, speeches to write and marketing programs to develop. I started the year knowing what I want to create in 2010. Besides that, I teach and coach people all the time on narrowing their focus on what they do best.

Yet, this month has been a slow transition into the year. I’d like to say it’s because of the new decade or that the dog ate my plans. I can’t blame the weather because it’s been wonderful here in North Texas.

So I looked at why I feel unfocused. Each January, like you, I have new opportunities, new plans, new clients and contract renewals. All these opportunities stir up my idea generating mind. There are endless possibilities in everything I do so narrowing it down and picking a direction can trip me up. I love to plan!

Yesterday, I realized I needed to get a grip. Writing always helps me focus. So I am going to use this blog to share tips about focus. Today’s tip is to use a Mind Dump process to calm your mind when you feel overwhelmed or have too much to do.

A Mind Dump can happen in two ways. The first is to grab a notebook and write down all the thoughts in your head. Let everything flow without censoring your words. You may put down items on your to-do list, your ideas, your complaints, your passions, your successes. Write down anything that comes to mind. Schedule this at a time when you will be uninterrupted. You’ll feel much calmer when you get it all on paper.

If you don’t like to write, you can still use a Mind Dump process. Simply talk into a small digital recorder or a use a service like AudioAcrobat to capture what is on your mind. You may want to save it because great ideas can come out in the Mind Dump process.

You can use this everyday or when you are feeling out-of-focus. Choosing to make this a regular practice is useful for you to keep on track. Feel free to share your ideas on focus with me and if you use these tips.

Kathy Garland,, is a transformational leader who improves the personal power of women leaders through branding, client acquisition and creating focus for the future. She is a radio show host for The Leader in You and a featured columnist on Empowering Women for McKinney Woman.

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One thought on “increasing your focus

  1. Your Mind Dump exercise is a great way to get focused. We tend often to focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. People don’t always realise that what we focus on, is what we get. If we focus on not having enough money, another bill comes in. Focus on being over weight and the weight piles on or doesn’t shift. Focus really is key to manifesting the things we do want in our lives, and the more we can see what we want, feel it, hear it and smell it, the nearer it comes to us.
    Our mind is so clever at manifesting our thoughts. All we have to do is think positive.
    Thanks Julie Mann Habitfixer

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