Play to win

The playoff series of any sports are fun for me to watch. One year I watched the Dallas Stars play the Colorado Avalanche. In game two of the Stanley Cup playoff, the Stars were down 3-0 after the first period. In the second period, the Stars scored 4 goals to go ahead. During the break, Stars player, Brenden Morrow, was asked what was going on with the team and why they bounced back so strongly. He said that in the first period they had been afraid to lose and not playing to win. So during the first break they must have done some regrouping because they came out in the second period playing to win. Unfortunately for the Stars, they lost in overtime.

Are you playing like you are afraid to lose your sales game? Or are you playing to win? Whether you are in sales or another type of job, you can use these principles to improve your results. After reading the lists below determine if you are Afraid to Lose or Playing to Win:

Afraid to Lose:

· Being hesitant about sales activities and tasks because you are afraid to lose

· Not having enough prospects

· Finding other things that “have” to be done instead of making your sales calls

· Procrastination

· Calling on accounts that are too small

· No system to monitor and manage your results

· Depending too heavily on the accounts you have

· Complaining about what is happening or not happening

Playing to Win:

· Planning and organizing your day around your sales calls and appointments

· Starting early; knowing your plan for the day before you get to the office

· Following a process and documenting your notes and follow-up dates

· Researching and understanding your target market

· Knowing where you add unique value to the sales process

· Measuring and monitoring your results

· Constantly studying and improving your sales game

Focusing your attention on the Play to Win strategies will improve your results and your attitude. You’ll be much more focused and confident with the Play to Win strategies.

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Kathy Garland is a transformational leader who improves the personal power of women leaders through branding, client acquisition and creating focus for the future. She is a radio show host for The Leader in You,  a Diva Toolbox Radio Show and a featured columnist on Empowering Women for McKinney Woman.