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Change Can Be Positive

Positive change and progress for hundreds and even thousands of years has come from people who have been willing to bring forth a new idea, challenge the status quo, or invent something that is a game-changer. These people stand for a future that may seem impossible and they dedicate their energy and focus to make life and work better for all of us. It is a high stakes game.

Our country, our world, needs people like you now who are ready to step up and lead new initiatives, teams and companies into a more functional future. The structure and models we’ve used for many years, some even centuries, are not as functional anymore. Of course, we have many things that work in the world and many forces that are making humanity seem more and more dysfunctional.

The old ways are crumbling. Who will lead us to a better place? What role can you play in this process? Do you have an idea or platform, yet struggle to be heard?

I specialize in small to mid-size growing companies that are experiencing change. I work with leaders who are in charge of progress and results for their companies as well as entrepreneurs with a vision.

My clients include:

  • Leaders in charge of sales teams
  • Leaders who have a vision to make the world a better place
  • Leaders who challenge the status quo and seek continuous improvement

We need you!

I’ve led change in business for many years and bring that passion and focus to support you in stepping into your vision.

There are several ways to be involved in change because the only thing certain any more is that change will come upon us whether we are ready for it or not. You can:

  1. Create change
  2. Lead change
  3. Support and be part of the change or be part of all three.

All are critical to having your vision, your organization and your teams move forward into the future you have envisioned.

Leading change requires more than good leadership skills.  Without strong emotional intelligence awareness, you will not be able to influence change effectively. In addition, self-awareness and understanding how the various personalities on your teams can work effectively together are formulas to navigate change successfully.

Creating change can be messy. Progress is like riding a roller coaster. It can be very exhilarating and very exhausting all at the same time.

Whether you lead a sales team, are developing a new software platform or app, or inventing a product to make life easier, or improve health and well-being, your emotional intelligence as well as your team’s use of emotional intelligence is key to your success.

My focus while coaching and training leaders on the art of change is on emotional intelligence, personality styles and the mindset for navigating change.

On this site you can explore:

> Emotional Intelligence, Personality Styles and Conflict Styles as Tools for Change

> Coaching/Training programs I offer

> My blog about leadership and emotional intelligence topics

If you are ready to manage change with less stress and more focus or begin a new initiative and you’d like to explore what it would be like to have a mentor and partner on your side, please contact me.