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Kathy guides leaders and entrepreneurs to improve their relationships and results through self-discover and increased awareness of how their emotions affect themselves and those around them. Emotional intelligence training, leadership coaching, entrepreneurial focus offered. Group and 1-1 available.

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True You Know Yourself Masterclass: Discover What's Next

True You: Know Yourself

True You: Know Yourself is a great place to start to energize and uplift yourself so you find clarity in what you want to do with your life, business or career. As your guide and mentor, Kathy activates your focus and guides you to next steps.
Designed for you to step into what's next for you, True You is a collection of courses designed for you to know your true self, the core of your being. You'll receive tools, practices, and inspiration to increase your awareness, manifest more of what you want, let go of self-doubt, and have more peace and happiness Ideal for you to grow to the next level.
Know Yourself — the Foundation Course
In this six-session course, topics include:
  • Understanding and managing your energy
  • Establishing boundaries, both physical and energetic
  • Finding more peace within
  • Using language to draw to you what you want
  • Overcoming beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Learning to trust your inner guidance
  • Opening possibilities to what’s next


  • Six 90-minute online classes in Zoom group format
  • All meetings are recorded
  • Worksheets sent for each session
  • Private Facebook group to network and connect with other members
Contact Kathy to discover if this is the right course for you and the right timing.
Phone: 214-551-5227 or email: kathy@kathygarland.com.


"Over the years, I have had the honor and pleasure to work with Kathy Garland many times. I attended 3 of her annual retreat for women in business. Each retreat was masterfully designed, well-organized and creative as well as fun. I always came away with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh vision for my business. I also hired Kathy twice to come in and do workshops for my staff - once around sales and once around creating a new vision and mission for the company. Both times I was impressed with Kathy's preparedness, level of expertise and knowledge. Plus, she has the innate ability to ask the right questions to draw more information out of her clients.   I would highly recommend Kathy Garland as a coach, workshop leader or speaker!"
– Minette Riordan

"Kathy's ability to connect and draw out of her clients their best is one of the reasons I initially hired Kathy for business coaching. The fact that the results I've received have far exceeded my expectations is why I have continued to seek her expertise and enthusiastically recommend Kathy to others."
– Tracy Downing McDermott

"Kathy's ability to listen, to truly sit with you and listen to every part of you - heart, mind, soul - is such a gift. Her ability to hold space for you to step into yourself is remarkable. It takes great wisdom to allow a person to unfold into themselves. Kathy offers this wisdom with practical strategic insights into how to combine who you are with success in the real world. She is a rare combination of both heart and mind. I highly recommend her as a coach and strategic business guide."
- Tina Ferguson

"Kathy is an excellent and results oriented coach and consultant. Knowing Kathy as a coach and talented speaker, I see Kathy as someone that is able to motivate and bring clarity towards achievable goals in working with both groups and individuals."
– Norah Marr

"Kathy is an incredible person who knows how to help her clients 'know what they don't know'. Kathy helped us identify key strategies for success in our business and define a plan with these in mind. She has a unique way of directing your thought process and asking the right questions that matter most to your business. On top of that, she has a personality that shines and is great to work with."
– Benjamin Read

"Kathy Garland showed me how to focus on my goals and direct my efforts toward reaching them. I thought that was just a wild and crazy dream, but Kathy helped me see that it's something I really want to achieve. I would recommend Kathy Garland to anyone wanting to better focus their efforts."
– Shellee Allison

"Thank you for all your awesome leadership and teaching - you really have a special gift and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you, I wish I was a sponge in the corner of your room so I could soak up all of your wisdom and knowledge."
- Brittany, owner, 2nd Story Design

Additional Programs

Are your emotions silent saboteurs?

Do you feel you effectively handle difficult emotions?

If you were to rate your emotional health, what would that look like?

Others have ventured on a spiritual quest to find deeper meaning.

Many people are on a quest to learn more about who they are.

Most everyone wants better relationships and results.

But without understanding your emotions and how they impact you, it may seem like two steps forward and one step back. That's because when we have healthy emotions, we make better choices and have more energy to make decisions and build relationships.

White butterfly sitting on a purple flower

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It's been proven that people who learn how to manage their emotions through mindfulness and emotional intelligence are more successful in their careers and are healthier.

You have the power to take charge of your emotions and heal dark areas that keep you stuck.

If you are tired of emotional stress that keeps you stuck, or you experience sadness or lingering grief and you don't know why, or you feel overwhelmed at world events, then you can benefit from emotional intelligence and emotional well-being programs and coaching.

I've worked with leaders on emotional well-being since 2001 and emotional intelligence since 2013.

When you improve your emotional health, you can:

  • Control your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Cope with life's challenges with less stress
  • Improve your ability to focus on your life and work
  • Have better relationships
  • Be more successful in your career.

Overall, you can expect and Improved sense of well-being and satisfaction with life.

When you work with me, you will leave our first session (phone or video conference) feeling better and knowing what to do immediately to improve your emotional well-being and health. If you are curious to find out if this will be beneficial for you or your leadership team, I encourage you to reach out to me for a complimentary 20-minute exploratory conversation.

About Kathy Garland

Since 2002, Kathy has worked with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to unravel the blocks that keep them from the success they want in their relationships, careers, and businesses.


Kathy's programs increase her clients' emotional well-being, clarity, and overall sense of peace. This leads to improved relationships and success. She publishes a newsletter titled "The Light in Us," sharing her thoughts and research on the self's emotional journey.


Before starting her business, she worked in various sales, marketing, and branding roles. A turning point in her life led her to a Management Effective Coaching Program. The personal growth and learning she experienced set her on a long path of emotional and spiritual development. She brings that wisdom to her clients in various individual and group programs.


Kathy writes fiction that features characters in a life transition and embeds principles that lead to a better life.

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