Reaching Your Goals with a Vision Board

Expressing your dreams in a visual way by putting photos on a poster or in a journal is a powerful way to document what you want in your business or your life.

I’ve used vision boards for years and it always amazes me when I create or receive something that is on my vision board.

In the past year, I’ve been to Europe twice, spoken at a conference in France, doubled my income and improved my relationships. Below is a photo of some of the exciting things in my life that were dreams – time with family, travel, time in nature and great clients. It’s time for me to update my vision board for what I want to create next.

My dreams – family, travel, nature, working with amazing leaders.

You can create outstanding results and have more of your dreams come true when you use a vision board or vision tool of some type.

There are several steps to creating a vision board that will support you in reaching more of your dreams.

Pick one of these to display your photos.
Poster for display where you can see it
Big journal with blank pages. Mine has colorful art on the cover.
Digital version using Powerpoint or iMovie (you can add music to these.)

It’s also easy to start with either a full or 1/2 a standard poster board for the project.

Next make a list of things you want to do, be or have. Strive for at least 25 – 50 items.
Review the list and add anything that comes up for you. If you are familiar with a bucket list, this is a similar list.

Prepare your vision board

There are photos everywhere you can use. Take the things on your list and search images on the internet or use magazines. Print them out and/or cut them out from magazines. Along the way when you see images that draw your imagination and fascination, go ahead and clip them. You may not know why you are drawn to a certain location, scene or item in a photo. That’s OK, just go with it.

Once you have 25-30 photos assembled, you are ready to start. Again the easiest way to get started on your vision board is to use a poster or blank journal.

Attach the photos in a way that is pleasing to you. Use whatever style works best for you. If you love creativity and expression, you can draw, add stickers, lettering or other decorations. The vision board must create happy thoughts and feelings when you look at it.

Once you have your vision board the way you want it, display it in a place you can see it everyday. If you use a journal, leave it in a place that is easily accessible. You will want to look at it once or twice a day. During this time, let your imagination and heart take over. Ignore any ego or mind thoughts that tell you that what you want isn’t possible.

Faith’s role in making your dreams come true

From now on, you must trust that what you want is possible. When you spend time with your vision board, your dreams will come true much faster if you let go and are not attached to how they happen.

Trust your higher power – God, The Universe, your guides, your higher self – whatever your particular belief system is – you will want to put your faith there.

For without faith, your mind will take over and create roadblocks. With faith, all things are possible.

Another aspect of faith is intention. Intention is defined by Webster’s as “the end or object intended; purpose.”

You will also create more of your dreams with an intention that they will come about. Intention is a strong energy – it is yours to use and draw to you what you want.

Documenting what happens

In my vision journal, I always write down the date something happens. Some things happen right away and some take several years or more to evolve. Let whatever happens be OK. Enjoy the miracle of watching your dreams unfold.

If you haven’t taken time to dream and create your own vision, on November 15 – 17, 2013, I will be hosting the Step UP! Retreat Workshop in Houston. Contact me with questions or request for additional information.